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Punk Rock as the musical Terrorism of the 20th century
Punk Rock was the musical terrorism of the 20th century!!!
It scared the living daylights outta parents, the pop world and dinosaurs who dominated the planet since the learly 70's
Punk was a new fresh attack on their multi-tracked multi layered concept albums of the serious music listener and the preformed showbiz pop acts of the charts. Punk was real, it was nasty and it was coming to get ya!
Punk Rock was the musical terrorism of the 20th century!!! It was spat out with a wild contempt by the devils children. It took over where derision left off. It ripped us up and ripped things apart. It was offensive to the ignorant public who it scared or revolted in style. It was loud and uncompromising and on the loose! It's vibratons could be felt in the cheapest dives and caverns. It's sickly devotees become the tackiest bunch in a teen mindset. It screamed out songs from the street in 3 minutes flat or less jack knifed by one almighty lone chord ringing in our ears. It was a hard 'n' tough alternative to the candy flossed deceited caccoon of pop. It gloryfyed cheap appeal with a new sound of rebellion. There were no rules for the defiant ones who hung around in places where bordem was rife. And apathy slunk around every street corner. It didn't need permission for anything. It was anti-fashion without no boundaries. It created angry slash n epoxy texts written by disssaffected youths. Punk breathed, it sweated it was alive and it had attitude. It attracted the fast living amongst us without no snotty sullen pimps to control the noise or shut us up for at least 15 minutes!
Peter Don't Care September 2001