Punk Rock as the musical Terrorism of the 20th century
Punk Rock was the musical terrorism of the 20th century!!!
Punk was Anti-Fashion without no boundaries
Punk Rock as the musical Terrorism of the 20th century

Punk Rock as the musical Terrorism of the 20th century
PUNK ARCHIVES of the 20th century

Over the last 25 years I've been a big fan of Punk Rock it changed my life! And since day one in '77 when I first got baptised by the Stranglers I've collected records, books, mags, zines, clippings, photos, trivia...practically anything I came across and liked was ripped out or added to the Archive. And these faded photos and clippings that have been lying in my attic gathering dust have been a source of great info over the years. This site is gonna be a great place to put up the collection all be it in small stages at first. It's a massive task and ain't sussed out how to navigate from one era to another but bear with me. The links to your left are rough ideas that need more work but its the best I can come up with at the moment. For more info read below. This site will be growing weekly to give a broad look back at the social amd musical phenomenom they call punk rock!
 Punk Rock took over where derision left off. Punk ripped us up and ripped things apart. Punk was jack knifed by feedback and one almighty chord ringing in our ears. Punk was a hard 'n' tough alternative to the candy flossed deceitful cocoon they called pop. Punk was offensive to the ignorant public who it scared or revolted in style.  Punk glorified cheap appeal with a new sound of rebellion. Punk had no rules for the defiant ones who hung around in places where bordem was rife.Punk was the antidote to apathy that slunk around every alleyway. Punk Rock didn't need permission for anything. Punk breathed, it sweated it was alive and it had attitude.
 Punk was fun...and still is!
Peter Don't Care September 2001
A is for Anarchy
B is for boredom
C is for chaos
D is dumb
E is for extreme
F is for fuck
G is for guitars
H is for hate
I is for ignite
J is for junk
K is for kleptomania
L is for loud
M is for moron
N is nowhere
P is for pogo
Q is for queen
R is for rotten
S is for sex
T is for trash
U is for uncompromising
V is violent ennergy
W is for wanker
X is for xerox
Y is for youth
Z is for zines
Gene October '76 punk barrow boy and lead mouth in Chelsea had a bit of an ego trip at the recent 100 Punk Aid bash. Mr October done his usual schizophrenic stage act calling everyone a cunt and wanted to carry on singing his songs after an enthusiastic stage invasion. But his pissed off band wasn't having it leaving Gene all hot 'n' sweaty with nowhere to go. He was later spotted gobbing off to anyone who'd listen by the 100 Club entrance before the bouncers had to eject him before he injured himself (snigger). He was last seen clambering into a taxi screaming "don't you know who I am?" I think someone oughta warn Mr October snorting substances before show time can seriously effect your paranoia. "I don't take drugs and i don't drink beer" ....yeah!!!!!!!!
Punk scared the living daylights outta parents, the safe tame pop world and the rock dinosaurs who dominated the music planet since the larly 70's. Punk was "nauseating, disgusting, degrading, ghastly, sleazy, puriant, voyeuristic...and it was coming to get ya!
Anarchy, Swazsticas, Violence and Fucks...lots of em!
This portal focuses on the more nihilistic blades out there and some of the terror, images and attitudes that were conjured up. The good the bad and the very ugly detonated feelings, actions and angst among a teenage culture. Sometimes it was just a feeling of the times others took it further into a whole new lifestyle as we know of today. Click the decade for the story