Back on this day 25 years ago...........THURSDAY NOVEMBER 24th 1977
and Virgin Records finally have their day in court. The issue at hand is the word "Bollocks" on their new LP sleeve. The prosecution feels that the word is offensive and violates the 1889 Indecent Advertising Act and intends to use the case in Nottingham as a test case. Prosecuting the case for the Crown was David Ritchie. He described the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Christopher Seale, the shop owner who displayed a 9 x 6 foot display of the album jacket. Chris Searle and the incriminating evidence - (Dont Care collection)Seales' attorney, John Mortimer raised the question of why Seale was prosecuted for displaying the sleeve while the newspapers that used the same image as an illustration were not. Mortimer continued to outline the history of the term "Bollocks" tracing it back to roots in the Middle Ages. Mortimer continued by bringing in a Professor Kingsley, head of English Studies at local Nottingham University. Kingsley told the court that the term had been used from the year 1,000 to describe a small ball (or things of a similar shape) and that it has appeared in Medieval Bibles, veterinary books and literature through the ages. He also revealed (not surprisingly) that it also served as part of place names throughout the UK. Eyebrows were raised when Kingsley said that JR on Safari in Nottts - (Dont Care collection)the term had been used to describe the clergy of the previous century. In that connotation it was used in a similar fashion as the word rubbish and used to describe a clergyman that spoke nonsense. The defense continued to intimate that perhaps the prosecution was not interested in decency of the word in question but instead were waging war against the band themselves. After making the case clear, the judiciary deliberated for twenty minutes and felt compelled to dismiss all charges against Seale. The Sex Pistols' cover was ruled as "decent" and set a precedent that would protect other shop owners who displayed the cover.
Johnny Rotten attended the courtcase decked out in a Safari hat. After the case was heard, his comments to passing reporters and TV film crew were  a resounding..."Great!" (laughs Johnny) "Bollocks is legal. Bollocks!, Bollocks!, Bollocks!"

Drones debut LP - (Dont Care Collection)THE DRONES
have their first album released by independent Valer Records today. It's called "Further Temptations," the follow up to their EP "Temptations Of A White Collar Worker." It has two tracks re-recorded from the EP, as well as both sides of the band's last single. Besides the twelve original songs, there is an odd remake of the Ronette's "Be My Baby." Also the girl on front cover as legend has it, was the hooker the record label booked to celebrate the bands signing earlier this year? She sent her bill to the label after her booking!!! Full review of the record (not the hooker) HERE.

Outsiders new un - (?)are a hard working and usually bottom of the bill punk trio from Wembley. They have a new EP out this week in the UK of all new material not included in their debut album released in September. Tracks include "One To Infinity," "New Uniform," "Consequences" and "Freeway." As their last record was, this one's also on their own Raw Edge Records funded by the mom of their lead singer .
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