Back on this day 25 years ago...........SUNDAY OCTOBER 9th 1977
Last gang in Orebro - (Dont Care collection)
are currently touring in Scandinavia and last night played in Ronneby, Sweden, at the same hall where The Jam, Stranglers and Sex Pistols had problems. Local promoters feared that the ted-car-club-cum-hooligan group called the Raggare would turn up to cause problems. To their surprise no gangs, no problems. However before tonight's gig in Orebro, at the Club 700 the club received a bomb threat that delayed the opening of the venue. Then, once the Clash did come on, in came the Raggare. They immediately began shouting and throwing things, specifically at the band. In a surprise move, The Clash turned on the mob and threw and shouted right back. This shocked them to the point where they backed down and let the show proceed unimpeded.

The Runaways have absconded - (?)
Odeon, Birimingham

The Runaways have returned to the UK for a one off promo appearance and minus ex-lead singer Cherri Curry but with a brand new 45 that didn't match the glowing previous reviews below. They return to the UK later on this month where they begin the European leg of their current tour....
  'School days' to flog and some rave reviews from the British press, who don't seem to swayed by the fact they're 4 young girls..............
'On or off plastic, the Runaways are one of the best rock'n roll groups EVER! Their live show was better than the concerts I've seen by the Doors, Flamin Groovies and Sex Pistols. When they come to Britain again they will TRASH the country, for they are indeed the product of 200 years of America Electric Culture...'
Sandy Robertson (Sounds)
'The Runaways have lost their two snot-nosed milk teeth and evolved into the Fowley vision of the first four-car garage band who don't deserve to be choked in carbon monoxide. Evidence of their greatness is the fact that most music journalists feel threatened enough by them to hate their guts - but they saved my soul!'
Tony Parsons (New Musical Express)
'Make a strawberry soda with a death-ray riff; dress it up in a teen dream pout and what have you got but the Runaways!'
lan Birch (Melody Maker)
'The Runaways are a female Led Zeppelin.. .just as much punch> but ten times better looking!'
Robin Smith (Record Mirror)

Paul Cook, Nicked! - 'Dennis Morris' (Dont Care collection)
It's been a quiet time for the Sex Pistols during September and early October. The Sex Pistols coped with the delays and hold ups according to their characters. Steve and Paul spent time in the studio and played out whenever they could - like the opening date of Johnny Thunders' tour. Paul Cook even got arrested for criminal damage aboard a London bus today. The more vulnerable pair, Sid Vicious and John Rotten, retreated further into their respective bunkers: Sid with Nancy and drugs, John with a household of friends (Debbie, Wobble and John Grey) to buttress him against a hostile world. It was about this time that Johnny Rotten started his relationship with German Newspaper heiress and Mother of Ari Up of the Slits, Nora Forster.
Whiskey A Go Go, Hollywood

Nashville, London

Greyhound, Croydon

Rochester Castle, London
Fiesta, Plymouth

Radio Stars
Roundhouse, London

Nags Head, High Wycombe